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#occupybankitalia Rome, October 12

Rome, October 12

Don’t pay their debt off, claim your social credit!

Every in the world people are taking the streets against the financial dictatorship of bankers and global speculators who are using the crisis to dismantle public services, welfare and education, rip people off their rights, put their hands on common goods.

In Madrid and New York, Santiago and Athens, Tel Aviv and Reykjavik we, the “(multi)generations with no future” are rising up – refusing to pay for their crisis and rejecting the rhetorical refrain of a “general liability” towards debt. We have a different kind of society in mind, one based on a radical redistribution of wealth and on the sharing of common resources. The 99% of the planet is unwilling to accept the greed of the few.

In the countdown towards the international protest of October 15 against austerity policies, dictated in Italy by the European Central Bank and Berlusconi’s government, we call for a public protest against the Bank of Italy and the ECB – as the symbols of a global governance imposing decisions that have no democratic legitimacy.

On the October 12, within the framework of the 150th anniversary of Italy, the international conference “Italy and the world economy, 1861-2011” will be held at the Bank of Italy’s headquarters in the heart of Rome, at the presence of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and the outgoing governor of the Bank of Italy and future president of the ECB, Mario Draghi.

To the “confidential recommendations” of the ECB, to Trichet and Draghi’s secret letter “suggesting” draconian measures for our country, our answer will be an open letter to President Napolitano, guarantor of the Italian Constitution. A public response to the bipartisan neoliberal attack aimed at enshrining a requirement for a balanced budget in our founding charter. They call it the “golden rule”, we know it as poverty, we call it injustice: our lives are not in debt, our societies have no owners.

We reject the deficit blackmail and urge for a redistribution of wealth, for the protection of workers rights and for a new universal welfare against precariousness.

In synergy with the acampadas and the free occupations in Spain, the US and many other countries, we propose to build a common space where to extendedly gather and protest. Let us all get together and demand social justice and change through one, basic claim: we won’t pay their debt off, it’s time to claim our social credit!

On October 12, let’s meet at 4 pm in front of the Bank of Italy, without membership symbols and beyond pre-packaged identities, to claim our collective right to insolvency.

We are the 99%, we have a world to reinvent.

12 October, 4 pm @ Bank of Italy (Via Nazionale, Roma)

#occupiamobankitalia towards 15O

Draghi Ribelli – Rebel Dragons