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Autonomist "Workers Power" Group Forms, Alberta

Autonomist "Workers Power" Group Forms, Alberta

We have developed a new study group Workers Power! here in Edmonton
Alberta Canada with the object of going beyond the political
limitations of syndicalism to discuss and develop a political
strategy. Members include local anarchists, marxists, and wobblies.
We have begun with a monthly meeting and review of the works of the
council communists.

We have a listserve discussion page here, which is for the use of the group and our friends and comrades who
would like to participate in a discussion with us. There we are
posting our own position papers, online texts as well as links to the

Below is our description of the project.Since this is a closed list if you would like to join contact me by
applying to join and as moderator I will add you.

Eugene Plawiuk


For Economic Democracy
and Community Self Management

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Based on readings from: Harry Cleaver, Loren Goldner, Anton
Pannekoek, Malatesta, Daniel Guerin, Toni Negri, Andre Goerz, Selma
James, CLR James, Marx, and autonomist workers movements from Europe.

Their importance in developing a workers critique of civil society
and globalization. Increasingly the work of society is no longer
merely machine based (industrial) but is the machinery of society
itself (services), the proletarianisation of the whole of society,
including those of the newly industrialized nations, the breaking
down of barriers between white collar and blue collar work, the
proletarianization of home life (telework, daycare, working families,
students as workers, etc.) of professional workers (the sweatshop
labour of TA's in schools, universities, contract work, piece work in
white collar jobs, hightech sweatshops of the dot com industry, etc.)
the need for a social wage/wages for housework, the limitations of
the social democratic welfare state as a functionary of capital, etc.

Based on the latest works around Left Wing Communist interpretations
of Capital and Harry Cleaver's Reading Capital Politically, our
study group will endeavour to look at the statification of capital,
and its impact on class struggle: the creation of a human based
society, in light of Marx's Grundrisse and the fact that the
proletariat is the human race, (that is the proletarianization of all
stratas of society and social classes by capital).

Workers Power! will reflect on the limitations of 'historical'
Anarchism and Marxism to develop a revolutionary critique of daily
life and a political practice to apply to the current crisis of