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ACLU Calls for Defeat of Anti-Terrorism Bill

From: Angela Colaiuta, National Field Organizer, ACLU

October 8, 2001

In a dramatic departure from the anti-terrorism bill adopted by the House
Judiciary Committee, Senate leaders have introduced the "Uniting and
Strengthening America (USA) Act" (S.1510), a bill that would significantly
undermine many of the freedoms that Americans hold dear. It is likely that
this legislation will be rushed onto the Senate floor this week without any
committee review.

Among the bill's most troubling provisions are measures that would give the
government the authority to spy on its own people, enable the Attorney
General unlimited authority to incarcerate non-citizens, and allow the
government to expand its use of secret searches.

Take Action! Don't allow Congress to abandon our cherished constitutional
safeguards during this time of national crisis. You can read more about
this legislation and send a FREE FAX to your Senators from our action alert