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New York City Session of the World Tribunal on Iraq, May 8, 2004

New York City Session of the World Tribunal on Iraq

Cooper Union, Great Hall, Saturday, May 8, 2004

7 East 7th Street at 3rd Av, NYC

ALL DAY — Starts 10:00 a.m., [doors open 9:30 a.m.]
FREE — donations welcome

Web: www.worldtribunal-nyc.org

Email: info@worldtribunal-nyc.org

Bombs have been dropped and lives shattered. Much of Iraq lies in ruins,
smashed, looted and then occupied by a hostile and unwanted invasion force.
In the face of the human suffering caused by the war on Iraq we must act
now against the crime of silence and impunity to write a counter-history.* Could the doctrine of "preventive war" ever be legal under international
* Can we record the crimes committed in launching this war of
aggression, during the military campaign and ongoing occupation?
* Can the
initiation of any war be legitimate when overwhelmingly opposed by a global
anti-war movement that includes the citizens of every state involved?
* Can
there be a grassroots space where we can initiate the process of providing
justice and accountability?


- The U.S.-led war of aggression against Iraq

- Crimes committed during the declared military campaign

- Crimes committed during the ongoing occupation

JURY OF CONSCIENCE: Rabab Abdulhadi, Sinan Antoon, Dennis Brutus, Hamid
Dabashi, Bhairavi Desai, Eve Ensler, Jenny Green, Lisa Hajjar, Elias
Khoury, Robert van Lierop, Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, Kiyoko McCrae, Ibrahim

+ + New York PREMIERE of "ABOUT BAGHDAD", an independent film by InCounter
Productions, to be screened at the end of session + +

World Tribunal on Iraq is a project of the global anti war movement with
sessions and events held in London, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Brussels,
Hiroshima, Paris, Monterrey, Munich, Seul, Barcelona, Istanbul, Rome,
Berlin, San Jose, Stockholm, Lisbon, New York...


U.S.-Based Endorsers of WTI

Al-Awda NY/NJ

Al-Qalam Institute, Berkeley


American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee - New York Chapter

Bergen County Green Party

Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

Black Radical Congress

Brecht Forum

Brooklyn Greens

BushMustGo!, Ithaca

Campus Antiwar Network

Capitalism Nature Socialism

Center for Constitutional Rights

Center for Economic and Social Rights

Coney Island Avenue Project

Conscience International

Council on International and Public Affairs

Direct Action Palestine

Fellowship of Reconciliation

The Greens/Green Party USA

Green Party of New Jersey

Green Party of New York State

Global Action to Prevent War

International Action Center

International A.N.S.W.E.R

The International Critical Geography Group

Jews Against the Occupation

Korea Truth Commission

Labor Committee for Peace and Justice / Bay Area

Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy

Middle East Children's Alliance - California

Mouths Wide Open

National Lawyers Guild - NYC chapter

New Jersey Solidarity

New York City Labor Against the War

New York Committee to Defend Palestine

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York

Not in Our Name Project

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine

Orange County Peace and Justice Coalition

Peace Initiative Turkey

Project Censored

Protect All Children's Environment

Sacred Roots

SALAAM Theatre

Solidarity / U.S.

Solutions for Humanity, Inc.

Support Network for an Armed Forces Union

Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory

Traprock Peace Center

United for Peace and Justice

US Peace Council

Veterans for Peace - NYC Chapter

Western States Legal Foundation

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom / NY Metro Branch

World Order Models Project