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Flexworkers Rebel Against the Precarization of Life

hydrarchist writes:

Mayday 2004. MayDay, MayDay!

Flexworkers rebel against the precarization of life!

We are the precarious, the flexible, the temporary, the mobile. We’re the
people that live on a tightrope, in a precarious balance; we’re the
restructured and outsourced, those who lack a stable job, and those who
are overexploited; those who pay a mortgage or a rent that strangles us.
We’re forced to buy and sell our ability to love and care. We’re just like
you: contortionists of flexibility.

We must negotiate everyday with reality to survive: we live a broken life,
a patchwork, an impossible puzzle. Often, by night, we feel alone and we
don’t know what will happen to us. But we won’t wait until official trades
unions or new administrations make the unbearable price of life a little

We want to escape from precariousness, but, nevertheless, we’ve learned
quite a few things from it. We’ve learned to refuse the choice between
crap time without money or crap money without time. We don’t want to
depend on money nor on those who control it. So to live we squat, we
shoplift at multinationals, we ride the underground for free.

We know we don’t want to be afraid any more; we don’t want to be
vulnerable to blackmail. We don’t want to be blackmailed by the temporary
recruitment agency; we don’t want to be afraid of the real estate agency,
the temporary recruitment agency of life. We don’t want to be afraid of
the cop that asks us our ID. We don’t want the sadness of precariousness.

It’s time to gather, to acknowledge our similarities as well as our
differences, for precariousness is a broken mirror, just like the sort of
life we are offered.

It’s time to exist and resist. It’s time to break the silence.

We’re the precarious, the hidden face of Forum 2004.
We’re the collateral damage of new capitalism.

To be able to live we want: income, housing, transportation, health,
knowledge, affection, and papers for all.

Let’s disobey the precarization of life. Let’s get Mayday back!


Barcelona, Plaça Universitat, 6 PM