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[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP - global networking project

Melody Carter-Parker writes --->
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
global networking project created and developed by Agricola de Cologne. The first suite of physical installations/presentations started on Friday, 5 March 2004 (running until 30 April 2004) at National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti/Romania
Bergen Center of Electronic Arts Bergen/Norway http://www.bek.no
later -->20-28 March
New Media Art Festival Bangkok/Thailand http://thailand.culturebase.org
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
consists of an adimistrative and an artistic body.
The administrative body contains all basic project information,
the artistic body the "Memory Channels" of R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
--->all details on http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004

The basic part of [R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
is [R][R][F] version 2.0 including following curators
and their selection of artists --->
Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada), Raul Ferrera-Balanquet (Cuba/USA)
Calin Man and Stefan Tiron (Romania), Eva Sjuve (Norway)
Bjoern Norberg (Sweden), Raquel Partnoy (USA/Argentina)
Agricola de Cologne & Melody Parker-Carter (both Germany)
Featured is the ongoing curatorial environment, entitled
"Women: Memory and Repression in Argentina".
Please find all curators and selected artists on
Two curatorial online streaming projects are featured on the occasion of the project launch--->
Launch on 5 March --->
BEK_dns -
audio streaming of electronic music from Bergen/Norway
and BEK _dns_audio_combat -
video stream
both curated by Eva Sjuve, director of sound art at
Bergen Electronic Arts Center http.//www.bek.no
--> for more details and/or joining go to http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004
(Real Player required)
"Inflict" - Internet performance created for RRF 2004--->XP
by the Swedish group "Beeoff" curated by Bjoern Norberg/Stockholm -->
online streaming 24 hours a day between 23 February and 15 March
from Stockholm/Sweden and Montreal/Canada
--> for more details and/or joining go to http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004
(Window Media Player required)..
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP will be realized in collaboration and networking with
numerous virtual and physical locations and partners around the globe.
[R][R][F] 2004
is an experimental New Media art project by media artist and New Media curator Agricola de Cologne, to be organised completely online and developed as a global networking project during 2004 and 2005. It includes a variety of online (and offline) components, an exchange between virtual and physical levels.
The basic subject --->“Memory and Identity”
The basic operating aspect --->”networking as artworking”.
The basic presentation aspect ---> physical installation - the exchange/combination of virtual and physical space.

All details are available on
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP info site
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
is corporate member of

About the artist--->
Agricola de Cologne
is a virtual instance, a multidisciplinary media artists and creator and
founder of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
As an artist, he had more than 100 solo exhibitions in cooperation with for
than 70 museums throughout Europe, as a curator he organised between 1989
and 1994 several cultural projects in Europe and curates since 2001 the net
based New Media projects of NewMediaArtProjectNetwork.
He is participating in a variety of media exhibitions and festivals around
the globe with his online and offline multi-media works, details see on:
http://www.agricola-de-cologne.de/bio/bio_agricola 1.htm
His net based works received several prizes.
Technical requirements
Recommended DSL Internet connection
Required latest Flash player/plug-in
latest browser versions of
MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera