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Black Bloc Call -- Anti-Racism action

Zero_work writes:
Nationalist organizer Richard
Barrett will behosting his annual July 4th rally
in Morristown, New Jersey.

Last year, the rally marched to praise state
police chief Carl Williams
and his support of racial profiling.

As anti-racist, anti-authoritarian activists,we
believe that the best way
to prevent the spread of militant racism is to
make itclear that they are
not welcome in our communities. Barrett cannot
be allowed to hold his
rally, but we need your help to shut him down.
For a better society,
please join us on July 4th to stage protests.
We are representing a
diversity of tactics, bring what you feel is
effective in dissenting white

Black Bloc Convergence is on The
Green at 10:30 A.M.,July 4th, 2001.(Follow the circle A signs)

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: It is on Court Street and
Washington Ave. All you haveto do is take 287N
the first Morristown exit. Bear Right, and
continue on down until you get
tothe Courthouse. There will be circle A signs
leading to the Green.