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Three Political Websites Downed After Government "Homeland Security" Threat

iraradio.com, the web site which archives all Radio Free Eireann
broadcasts, has been taken down because the web service provider was
threatened with seizure of their assets if they continued to host
"terrorist" radio programs. Travis E. Towle, the Founder and CEO of Cosmic
Entertainment Company, which put up IRARADIO.COM, was told by their internet
service provider, Hypervine, that they had been "strongly advised" to take
the web site down.

A Hypervine representative read Mr. Towle a statement that, under an
Executive Order recently signed by President Bush, the newly created Office
of Homeland Security can seize all assets "without any notice and/or any
real un-reasonable evidence of any company or person that helps, supports,
or does anything that can be called or labeled terrorism or is found to be
connected to terrorism in any way or means possible." Hypervine is a
subsidiary of the New York based Skynet.

These threats have also caused Cosmic Entertainment to close the web
sites archiving two other WBAI radio programs, "Our Americas" and "Grandpa
Al Lewis Live." "Our Americas," hosted by Mario Murillo, is an acclaimed
news magazine covering Latin America. "Grandpa Al Lewis Live" features
commentary by the actor and political activist who starred in "The Munsters"
and "Car 54 Where Are You."

Radio Free Eireann, which broadcasts Saturday afternoons at 1:30
p.m. on WBAI 99.5 FM has covered the conflict in Northern Ireland for over
twenty years. Guests have included Bernadette Sands, the sister of IRA
hunger striker Bobby Sands; Rauri O'Bradaigh, the President of Republican
Sinn Fein; Sinn Fein chief negotiator Martin McGuinness and Irish Prime
Minister Bertie Ahern.

update: it seems that this (mostly) is not a hoax. www.iraradio.org and www.allewislive.com have been taken down, although www.ouramericas.org is still running with no notice of this event.