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Issue #3 of the <I>Journal of Aesthetics and Protest</i>

AnonymousComrade writes:

Issue #3 of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

1. Manifesto #3


Bully Pulpit!!

As a magazine, we are a bully pulpit -- we are announcing, “Engage with
the complexities of possibility through reality. In this way, we will
become the better world.”Our analysis holds that this is a moment of obvious horror and
dormant dreams. This need not be! Now is the time for a blossoming
of practical theory. Now is the time for the neighbors to be talking to
neighbors. Now is the time for culture to popularize bio-diesel, green
architecture, social justice, and conversation throughout the vast
sweep of nations. Now is the time to figure out how pass along and
activate the dusty catalogue of ideas so as to make the catalogue
anew. Now is the time to take the collective knowledge of artists,
activists, writers and researchers and build what Michael Albert and
others have called "a movement of movements."

As we participate in this "movement of movements" we will not march
under one banner, some of us will not even attend marches. We will
not agree on everything, we won't speak one language; we won't dance
to the same music. Nonetheless we are able to communicate through
difference; we have learned to listen our allies' divergent ideas of
justice and dreams, to act strategically so as to facilitate our continued
possibility. (Our vectors act without compromising our differences. As
such they do not circumvent the growth of boring power and its aim
which is to disallow our futures- we are aware, and as such we are all

The third issue of the Journal creates a personal and cultural lexicon
so as to actualize this possibility.

2. Call

Departures for authors, activists, anarchists, androids, artists,

We are always interested in unsolicited submissions. The
following list are just suggestions. Please read the Manifesto and
Analysis to see where we’re at.

Articles referencing culture -- a poetry of nuances.

-- Exploration of projects that keep community alive;
activist organizing, dance cultures, music scenes, community halls,
Lions Clubs, Rotarians. Cultural projects that get different people
talking, making, dreaming, acting. Either over a period of years, one
weekend, or a moment, how do you do it?

-- "Alive culture:" A critical analysis of the academic field of
cultural-studies -- or -- "How the commodification of culture creates false
consciousness about the reality of existence."

-- "Alliance building." "Alliances in action." “Networked art”

-- How personal mythology and ideology, theories and illusions effect
(for better or worse) the ways people concretely interface with the world.

-- Journalistic accounts of individuals navigating the social world.

-- Talking through disagreements. Giving words to interpersonal
issues. Art that fleshes out or navigates disagreements

-- Typologies of criticism; a discussion of the ways that people discuss
the material world. What are the most vital issues within criticism today,
and why?

-- Expanding the art canon -- equality of creation and representation.

-- Changing culture from the bottom up.

- When art goes on the road.

Articles discussing the nature of political imagery

-- Can progressives "win" with Schwarzenegger-like "image politics?"

-- The reality of grassroots door to door -- style organizing versus the
organizing accomplished through "Mediated" Michael Moore/ Ad
Busters/Ruckus Society/ELF "spectacular" image productions.

-- Image and Ideology -- the role of seduction in building political

-- Pragmatism versus idealism in art or political imagery.

-- Communities that discuss and manage their own communally
created images in order to effect social change.


-- Extant Utopias and utopian technologies and how they functioning

-- Social Education.

-- Extant outlaw communities.

3.Analysis for issue #3

Strange Days Indeed!

We are staring down the barrel of an election year with ambivalence
and fear. Ambivalence because positive social change rarely comes
from the ballot box. Fear because of the quality of fuckers in power at
this moment.

With the paralysis of the WTO in Cancun and the inability of the Bush
Administration to raise a multinational mercenary force, the 90's
Washington Consensus is collapsing. Nonetheless, the American
Establishment continues its course towards a "privatized commons" of
groups separated by xenophobia, wage gaps, polluted mountains,
deregulation, surveillance cameras, and rotten ideas.

Since our last submission call, the globalization movement has
continued to make headway despite increased state repression -- many
of the movement’s basic assumptions (if not its critique) have become
mainstream in correlation to the increased mania of the Bush
Administration. We posit that this continued growth is due, at least in
part, to conversations and coalitions that continue on at the community
level. We also recognize the still as-of-yet untapped creative and
political potential in the grass roots.

Towards the goal of fleshing out and strengthening instances of
inter-human possibility and understanding conflict -- our third issue is
interested in tracing the ways that both individuals and communities
meet with one another. This Journal issue delves into to the social
sphere to create a lexicon where each instance describes a nuance of
cultural/political relationships or in social organizing.

In addition, the third issue will be released as the presidential race of
2004 ramps up. We hope to publish several topical articles whose
content falls within our distinct purview.

4.Who we are


The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is an internationally distributed
print and web magazine (journal).

are interested in the intersection of art/activism/and theory in media.



Send submissions to: sparkle@c-level.cc

Please get you submission ideas to us as soon as possible.
Submissions received after December 25th will be considered for
issue 4. The Journal’s editorial staff will review all submissions.
Once an article or proposal is submitted, we'll respond in some way.
Through a series of drafts and revisions, together we'll have a
complete piece for print.