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Short Comment from Michael Hardt, Co-Author of 'Empire', on September 11th

Could the anonymous comrade who sent us this piece please forward information regarding its source?

Interviewer: How is Empire after the 11th of

Some things seem so obvious that they needn't be said.
The condition of sovereignty isn't the same as before.
This condition of imperial sovereignty is the only one
that counts. On the one hand, even in the United
States, the most powerful nation-state isn't sovereign
anymore. It cannot seperate itself from the rest of
the world. And on the other hand, it cannot find a
sovereign partner. It seeks a sovereign partner but
instead there are only pliant[fluido] partners, not
sovereign ones.

Interviewer: (Asking about the fragility of Empire
after the attacks against the World Trade Center and
the Pentagon.)

Michael Hardt: Our idea that there isn't a center
of the Empire means that there is no center of the
financial world to strike against....that even the
terrorists are mistaken if they think they can strike
at the center of the Empire.

On the other hand, it is true as you say that Empire
is fragile but it is fragile for a completely
different reason. It's not fragile because some
single group can strike a blow against a center.
It is fragile because there is a whole world
of people in movement [fluido] who are creating and
searching for another
way. This is the fragility. Not because there isn't
security against terrorism. It's not because of
terrorism that Empire is fragile.