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Christian Parenti, "The Soft Cage: Surveillance in America"

Bowman38 writes:

Hello everyone, The Soft Cage explores the hidden history of surveillance -- from controlling slaves in the old South to implementing early criminal justice, tracking immigrants, and closely monitoring the poor as part of modern social work. It also explores the role computers play in creating a whole new world of seemingly benign technologies -- such as credit cards, website "cookies", electronic toll collection, "data minings", and iris scanners at airports.

With fears of personal and national security at an all-time high, this ever-growing infrastucture of high-tech voyeurism is shifting the balance of power between individuals and the state in groundbreaking -- and very dangerous -- ways.

Mr. Parenti, author of Lockdown America, offers a compelling and vital history lesson for every American concerned about the expansion of surveillance into our public and private lives. I highly recommend it. Bowman38