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New Resources for Popular Educators

pscap writes:

New Resources for Popular Educators

"Hey, I work with this group called the planting seeds community awareness project, and we just put up a new website with a syllabus database for popular educators, zine resources, an article database and a lot more!!! Here's the announcement about it, that includes a call for contributors for the site."In this email:
1. Our NEW Website!!!!!
2. Calling all popular educators, rabble-rousers and radicals!
3. Call for Contributions for a zine on Hope!

Pass it on to whomever you'd like! And, thanks for reading it!!!


p.s. sorry if you get this more than once -- we're really workin on
spreading the word.
1. Hey, we just spent the last 6-weeks working really hard on a
fabulous new, interactive and really informative web site for the
planting seeds community awareness project!!!!! This was a big
milestone in our work together. We had a really good time making
it and were able to work together in ways that were more satisfying
and fulfilling than ever before! So, not only is it a great site, but
we had a great time making it and it brought us closer together.

In it, you'll be able to read and submit workshop syllabuses,
articles, resources; post on the community forum; download free
zines, stickers and flyers; check out our new distro catalog; read all about us and planting seeds and alot of our opinions about a lot of things; and more and more and more!

So, please take some time to go to:
and look through, interact with and gain from this web site!!!

2. Calling all popular educators, rabble-rousers and radicals!

The Planting Seeds Community Awareness Project is looking for
articles, papers and workshop syllabuses for our new site. We're
currently working on making our site more user-friendly and
interactive, with lots of information and resources. We're looking
for writing that is insightful, compassionate, personal, well
researched, and/or challenging. We're also looking for workshops
that are engaging and interactive. We've built a database where
users can upload and download for free, and we need your help to
make as much information as possible accessible to the public.

As part of our commitment to popular education, we have decided
to create an online space for people to share information and
insights with each other. The idea is to respond to the growing
numbers of activists who use the internet to meet, build
community, and share information; and to address the need to
create space for multi-issue activism that acknowledges the reality
of interconnection. Both of us who comprise Planting Seeds
embody many different struggles, and our extended friendship and
family communities extend even further across the spectrum. We
are privileged, and we are under siege.

There really is no limit to the range of topics that you can submit
our database. Check out the site (www.pscap.org) to find out more
about us, see the topics and submit your crap.

3. call for submissions for:

"only when it's dark enough can we see the stars:
a zine about finding hope in despairing times"

dr. martin luther king jr said "only when it's dark enough can we
see the stars," when referring to sustaining hope amidst a deadly,
painful and challenging struggle for civil rights in the 1960s'. and
lately this saying has been feeling really important to me.

with this zine, i want to explore different aspects of finding and
sustaining hope in a time that's full of cynicism, despair,
depression, war, ecological devastation and rampant oppression.
i want to know the non-destructive ways people get through the day
while working to keep their ethics and values intact; how
oppressed people challenge oppression without giving up; and
how privileged people work to accept and confront this privilege
without caving in. where do you see hope for liberation on a dying

i'm looking for writing and art that attests to sustaining hope in a
way that is personal and/or community oriented. what do you do
each day that reaffirms your commitment to justice? how do you
stay alive? what do you contribute to your community? what
personal struggles do you work through -- and how?

this zine comes out of a time in my life where i seem to be
surrounded by feelings of despair. i see communities working for
social justice entrenched in unhealthy patterns of workaholism,
oppression, cynicism and martyrdom. i see my group of friends
struggling through individual healing processes, maintaining
healthy connections and challenging unhealthy dynamics. i tend to
get wrapped up in a non-holistic optimism rather than a sustaining
vision of hope for my life, my communities and the world around
me. and i've decided to put out this zine as a challenge to myself --
to come up with the ways that i see hope in the world -- and as a
spark to incite community dialogues around this issue.

finally, there is no set deadline for contributions. send drawings,
stories, poems, interviews, ramblings, rants, letters and other
forms of writing or art -- or your questions or comments -- to:

post office box 12243
seattle, wa 98102