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Pakistani Poll: 63% Support Afghanis, 7% U.S.

The Hindustan Times writes: "More than two-thirds of people in Pakistan think their government should side with Afghanistan rather than the United States if Washington attacks the neighbouring country, a Gallup poll said Wednesday.

The survey is another sign of the risk President Pervez Musharraf has taken in offering Pakistan's full support for the United States war on terrorism following last week's devastating attacks in New York and Washington.

Gallup said the snap poll of 500 people showed 85 per cent believed a US strike against Afghanistan, where terror suspect Osama bin Laden lives under the wing of the ruling Taliban militia, was imminent.

While 32 per cent of people supported Musharraf's decision to lend Pakistan's support to the United States, 62 per cent opposed it.

Only seven per cent said Pakistan should side with the United States if Washington attacks Afghanistan, while 27 per cent advised neutrality and 63 per cent said it should side with Afghanistan.

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