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A "Newz" Headline Source For Countercultural Mentalities

Daniel Young writes:

"NewZoid is a countercultural artwork that automatically fabricates up-to-the-minute news headlines. It is a great source of relaxation and inspiration for those engaged, in one way or another, in the endless task of making the world a better place.

NewZoid has been the world's leading source of false news information since April, 2001. It proudly claims to produce more falsehood than all governments, corporations, academic institutions and artistic enterprises put together.NewZoid headlines are available, 20 at a time, in its original form (with voting and visitor participation) here. NewZoid headlines are also available in a pure form here. In addition, NewZoid is now streaming its false news headlines here, (for PCs only.) A statement of NewZoid's artistic purpose is available here. A proclamation of NewZoid's artistic status is found here."