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WBAI Crisis

Anonymous Coward writes: "Below is a dictated email from the [Pacifica Radio] Vice-Chair, Ken Ford:

I want to thank and acknowledge all of the hard work that David [Accosta] has done over
the years. He will be missed and we wish him well and success.

As most of you know, the majority of us have been the targets of a harassing
email campaign, threatening letters, and even extortion phone calls regarding
our affiliation with Pacifica.

If you receive any of these notices going forward or have any of the
voicemails, emails or letters, please forward them to me so that we may hand
them over to the FBI. We do have federal protection under the RICCO/Computer
Fraud statutes. Thank you all for being so dedicated to the mission of
Pacifica in the face of adversity.

Ken Ford
Vice Chair"