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NYC Anarchist Book Fair Table and Presentation Application Forms

NYC Anarchist Book Fair Table and Presentation Application Forms
NYC Anarchist Book Fair

Please note the tables application deadline is February 1st.


The 5th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair will be held Saturday, April 9, 2011, at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, NYC.

Presentations, panels, workshops, and skillshares will be on both Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10. Please fill in this form and email it back to us at proposals[at]anarchistbookfair[dot]net, by March 12, 2011, to propose a session.

All proposals will be considered. Remember, diversity is important to us: we are committed to promoting voices typically underrepresented at mainstream and activist conferences alike whether for reasons of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, income or ability.

We are especially interested in hearing from local people presenting on issues of particular relevance to anarchists and other activists in the NYC area. In response to feedback from previous years, we are also interested in including more praxis-oriented events, as well as ideological discussion, on topics including but not limited to:

* healthcare
* radical parenting
* radical education
* community gardening
* alternatives to capitalist economics
* prisoner support and/or prison abolition
* housing and gentrification
* pirate radio and diy media
* decolonization and anti-imperialism
* active solidarity
* racial justice/anti-oppression
* indigenous sovereignty
* immigrant justice
* strategies for pushing forward a radical agenda in mainstream politics
* ecology
* animal rights

1. What kind of event are you proposing?
_ Talk
_ Panel
_ Workshop
_ Skillshare
_ Theatre
_ walking tour
_ Other (please specify)

--Would you like to do a workshop, panel, presentation in SPANISH?

2. Title and brief description of event, including how it fits with the agenda of an anarchist book fair:

3. Name of presenter(s) and brief bio(s), including relationship(s) to the anarchist community:

4. Do you have any equipment needs or special requests?

5. Do you need childcare?

6. Do you have any preferred time slots?

7. Could your event be tailored to appeal to a broader age range and be billed as appropriate for young children or teens? If so, would you be interested in presenting a truncated version of your event in the childcare space?

Please use proposals[at]anarchistbookfair[dot]net for submission of this form, as well as for any questions. For any other questions related to the 4th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair that are not about proposals, please visit our website at www.anarchistbookfair.net or email us at info[at]anarchistbookfair[dot]net


Please fill in this form and email it back to us (no attachments please) at tables [at] anarchistbookfair [dot] net by February 1st, to request exhibition space at the Book Fair. We will follow up as soon as possible after that date with confirmation and payment details, as well as information on how to place an ad in the program for the event.

1. Name of tabler/group:

Contact name:
Contact phone:
Contact email:
Category (check all that apply):
_ Publisher
_ Bookseller
_ Publication
_ Nonprofit
_ Other (please specify)

2. Space desired:

_ Full table ($100-125 sliding scale) - includes 3 chairs per table
_ Half table ($60-75 sliding scale) - includes 2 chairs per table

If you're representing a for-profit enterprise, and according to your ability, please consider paying at the higher end of the scale to help offset costs.

3. Describe your group and what your exhibit would consist of:

4. Special requests (if any):

5. Would you consider donating one or more books, posters, or other items to a Silent Auction to benefit the Book Fair and help cover the costs of putting on this event? If yes, please specify what you would like to donate:

6. Do you need childcare, and if so for what age(s)?

7. Will your group also be tabling at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair the same day?


-> Tablers who need to have material shipped should arrange for it to be delivered directly to Judson Memorial Church by contacting us at tables [at] anarchistbookfair [dot] net for specifics on when and how to ship your materials.

-> For any other questions related to the 5th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair that are not about tabling, please visit our website at www.anarchistbookfair.net or email us at info [at] anarchistbookfair [dot] net.

-> If you are interested in presenting a workshop, email proposals [at] anarchistbookfair [dot] net with a description.