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9th ELAOPA 9th Latin American Encounter of Popular Automous Organizations

9th ELAOPA 9th Latin American Encounter of Popular Automous Organizations

On January 22nd, 23rd and 24th the "9° Encontro Latino Americano de Organizações Populares" (9th Latin American Encounter of Popular Automous Organizations) will take place at the MST's Training Centre in Jarinú (State of São Paulo, Brazil).

This Encounter was created in 2003 as an alternative space to the World Social Forum which was taken by groups (political parties, NGOs and even government officials) that differ from the reality and intentions of our autonomous organizations. The ELAOPA wants to join, find and articulate the struggle of popular organizations in Latin America.

This Encounter has already been held in Brazil (2003), Bolivia (2004), Argentina (2005), Uruguay (2006), Chile (2007), Brazil (2008), Argentina (2009) and Uruguay (2010), with the presence of a large variety of groups.

The Encounter seeks to be a space to share and spread the experiences of struggle of autonomous social organizations and movements that are not tied to political parties or to institutionalist NGOs. We are class-struggle oriented organizations using libertarian principles of grassroots work, direct democracy and grassroots solidarity. We aim to build unity between all those who struggle and consolidate resistance through the values of our peoples and our cultural traditions, while being at the same time an opportunity to coordinate our activities and strengthen ties for the building of popular power.

The main goal of the ELAOPA is to gather movements inspired by the principles of autonomy and struggle to create real alternatives in the continent. Exchange experiences, invite new movements and companheir@s and plan actions together. If on one hand, strengthening the popular struggles against foreign oppression is fundamental, second, the bureaucratization of the movement becomes another subject of relevance, and is part of our task to promote a model of fighting that teaches the lessons of freedom and equality for those who struggle.

The holding of the ELAOPA will cost approximately R$ 10,000.00 (6,000 USD). We're hoping to fund it with inscription fees and donations from comrades.

All the surplus funds will be donated to groups from distant locations which will be spending a lot of money on transportation to get to the ELAOPA.

Banco (Bank - Brazil) - 104 (Caixa Economica Federal) Agencia (Branch) - 0263 (Pedroso de Moraes) Conta (Account) - 8381-2 Operação (Transaction) - poupança 013

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