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Automous Volunteer Camp in Chile - January 2010

TRAVOL 2011: Volunteer Summer Camp

An autonomous gathering of people, organizations, and community experiences

Second World Forum of Applied Knowledge

January 10th to February 20, 2011

TraVol will take place in the village of Polpaiko, which is located at the edge of the municipality of Tiltil in the northern part of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile.


* The constructions of self-managed productive enterprises * The formation of a cooperative for buying in bulk * Creating an Autonomous Community Health Committee * A house-by-house social survey * Barter fair


* Mapudungun (The language of the Mapuche) * Preparing adobe brick, bioconstruction * Developing biodigestors * Popular education and community self-education * New methods in social research * Bicycle generators and alternative energy * Other workshops TBA - Open for proposals.

Presentations and Debates

* Organizations and Movements in the United States * The Zapatista Movement * The Habitat Project in Mendoza, Argentina * La gran Minga and community work trading in the Nasa communities of Colombia * The end of neoliberalism and the expansion of neoinstitutionalism * Experiences of autonomous community construction in Argentina * Experiences of autonomous community construction in Chile * Various presentations on the Mapuche struggle * The current role of social and community movements in Abya Yala (The Americas) * The “other economy” - alternative energy, sustainable production, and the producer- consumer * Open for proposals

Schedule and Organization

* 9 am to 11 am: Ongoing workshops (Mapudungun and others) * 11 am to 1 pm: Short workshops (1 to 2 days each) * 1 pm to 4 pm: Shared lunch * 4p to 8 pm: Community work with neighbors * 9pm to 11 pm: Presentations and debates at the campfire (with mate)

Unlike theoretical or intellectual gatherings searching for concepts to define the meaning of life, this autonomous gathering is characterized by the participation of neighbors in the camp’s activities, cooking and eating together, and developing group work practices. In short, it involves working together, side by side, with the neighborhood.

Daily costs for food is the responsibility of each participant. We recommend 1500 Chilean pesos (3 dollars) for daily food costs. Bring books or handicrafts to trade. Participants should bring tents to sleep in.

February 16 to February 20 is the Second World Forum of Applied Knowledge. Request a specific schedule.

Participating organizations:

* Free University of Chile http://www.ulibre.org * Estación Polpaiko Neighborhood Committee, Tiltil, Chile * Popular Economics and Social Ecology Network, Chile * Network for Buyers’ Cooperatives, Sustainable Production, and the Reciprocal Economy, Chile * World Forum of Applied Knowledge info@foromundial.org

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More information and registration: unlibre@gmail.com