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"Workplace, A Journal for Academic Labor" On-Line

Issue 5.1 of Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor is now available
online at workplace

Sections include "Technology, Democracy, and Academic Labor" (edited by
Laura Bartlett and Marc Bousquet in collaboration with Richard Ohmann
and *Radical Teacher*), "Organizing the Family" (edited by Noreen
O'Connor), and "Activist Front" (with features by Bill Vaughn and
Nick Tingle). One of our most expansive issues yet, *Workplace* 5.1
contains articles and interviews by committed teachers and labor
scholars across the country, and includes such titles as:

"The Information University" by Laura Bartlett

"The 'Informal Economy' of the Information University" by Marc Bousquet

"Educational Technology and Restructuring Academic Labor" by Larry

"The Rhetoric of Commercial Online Education" by Chris Werry

"Corporate Fantasy and the 'Brave New World of Digital Education'" by
Michelle Rodino

"'If You're Not Mark Mullen, Click Here': Web-Based Course-Ware and the
Pedagogy of Suspicion" by Mark Mullen

"An Interview with Cary Nelson: An Intellectual of the Movement" with
Marc Bousquet

"'Il Miglior Fabbro'" by Alan Wald

"Student Interns as Flex Workers" by Rod Ryon

"Hegemony and 'Accountability' in Schools and Universities" by Sandra
Mathison and E. Wayne Ross

"The Corporate War against Higher Education" by Henry Giroux

"Working to Meet the Needs of Graduate Student Families: The Case of the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill" by Brian Kennedy

"Negotiating for the Family: Unions and the Graduate Student Workplace"
by Andrew Gross

"Labor Issues, Academia, and the Workplace: An Interview with Kitty
Krupat" by Kathleen Iudicello

"Notes on Academic Labor, Women, and Value" by Rachel Reidner

"Etiologies of Activism" by Bill Vaughn

*Workplace* also contains "Breaking News" (edited and maintained by
Katherine Wills), Book Reviews (edited by Bill Vaughn), and a collection
of "Laborlinks" that connect to multiple union websites while
interlinking some of the most important discussions of academic labor on
the web.

The *Workplace* Collective would like to thank Richard Ohmann and
*Radical Teacher* for their assistance with this issue.

In solidarity,

Christopher Carter

*Workplace* Editor and Web Designer