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Rewriting Lyotard Conference

Rewriting Lyotard Conference University of Alberta, February 11-13, 2011

Call for Papers

The last few years have seen a resurgence in scholarship on Jean-François Lyotard, including a series of recent and on-going translations of his work into English (Enthusiasm, Discourse, Figure), the bi-lingual five-volume Writings on Contemporary Art and Artists, and a number of recent publications of essays on his work in both French and English (Minima Memoria, Gender After Lyotard, Les Transformateurs Lyotard, and the collection in French entitled simply Lyotard).

With this conference, we aim to further this interest and foster its development by bringing together the disparate community of scholars working on various facets of Lyotard's thought. Writers and artists interested in Lyotard’s philosophy are also welcome. In “Rewriting Modernity”, Lyotard takes up the notion of “rewriting” as a way of avoiding the periodization inherent in the term “postmodern”. He links the act of re-writing to the process of “working through” the event - including the event of reading itself. By framing this conference around the concept of re-writing, we invite scholars from various disciplines to share their workings-through and re-writings of Lyotard's texts, ideas, and concepts. We thus not only seek to pay tribute to his work, but challenge and engage in dialogue with his philosophies and, as he repeatedly invited his readers to do, explore how we might think differently, think otherwise, and think on radically new terms.

Taking as our focus the forthcoming collection of essays on Lyotard's later writings, “Jean-François Lyotard: New Encounters”, we are particularly interested in papers addressing the “later” themes and works, but other topics on Lyotard are also welcome. Areas of interest might include, but are not limited to, aesthetics/philosophy of art, ethics, politics, gender, confession, and biography, as well as Lyotard’s relation to philosophy, the social sciences, cultural studies, art history, and psychoanalysis.

Proposals for papers, panels, workshops, roundtables or seminars should be submitted no later than October 15 2010. In your proposal, please include full contact details (i.e. name, email, institutional affiliation and university address). Submissions and inquiries should be sent to