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HUAC Papers Now Open to Public Scrutiny

Autonomedia writes: "Thanks to the efforts made on behalf of a coalition of
historians and archivists, the records of the House
Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) are now open
to the public.


In response to a letter sent to the Honorable F. James
Sensenbrenner, Jr., Chairman of the House Committee on
the Judiciary, some 1, 245 feet of HUAC records
containing correspondence, unpublished executive session
transcripts, special investigative files relating to
individuals and organizations dating from 1945-1975
(some 444 feet of records) will now be open to public
scrutiny. Also unsealed is a unique and large
collection (75 feet) of pamphlets and other periodicals
gathered over a period of thirty years that were deemed
"subversive" by the Committee. Collectively, the records
are preserved and stored by the National Archives and
Records Administration's (NARA) Center for Legislative
Archives in Washington D.C."