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Political Charting

cartome.org has reposted
"Maps that Charted the Distortions of History", a review by Simon Jenkins from the London Times on an exhibit at the British Library on the cartography of distortion: "The Lie of the Land."

An excerpt:

"Britain’s own war crime is charted in lethal detail. The bombing map of Dresden was intended to guide navigators to their target. Dark red indicates the building types and
population densities suitable for incendiary firestorms. The annotator directed the bombers to high-density, non-industrial targets. “Tenement buildings in the inner residential
zone may be burnt out under heavy incendiary bomb attack. The effect of high explosive is not hard to imagine.” Estimates of the resulting civilian death toll vary from 35,000
to 135,000. The map was no last minute response to a military crisis: it is dated December 1943, more than a year before the Dresden raid." Civilian massacre was RAF policy."