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Argentina - Report of the First National Conference of Occupied Plants and Factories In Struggle

hydrarchist writes:"

Buenos Aires, August 25, 2002

National mobilization called for next September 10 in
support of the occupied plants and factories

With the presence of more than eight hundred delegates
representing factories, trade unions and popular
assemblies, the First National Conference of Plants
and Factories Occupied and In Struggle was held,
organized by the Bloque Piquetero Nacional (National
Picketeers’ Bloc) and the Movimiento Independiente de
Jubilados y Desocupados (Independent Movement of
Pensioners and Unemployed).

The meeting took place Saturday, August 24 in the
plant of the Grissinópoli company, occupied by its
workers. Together with the hosts of Grissinópoli,
among those present were the representatives of
Transportes del Oeste (transport workers), de
Supermercados Tigre de Rosario (supermarket), de
Metrovías (subway), de Editorial Perfil (publishing
house / printers), de Clínica Junín de Córdoba
(clinic), de Mineros de Río Turbio (coal miners), de
petroleros de Chubut (oil workers), together with
those of more than 130 trade unions and shop steward
committees, as well as 35 Popular Assemblies.

The Conference approved a resolution promoting
workers’ self-management in the factories through
expropriation of the machinery, buildings and capital
of the companies, to be handed over to the workers.
The meeting resolved to hold a national march in
support of the occupied factories for next September
10. In the same way, it committed its active
participation in the roadblocks resolved by the Bloque
Piquetero Nacional, Movimiento Independiente de
Jubilados y Desocupados, Barrios de Pie and the
Coordinadora Aníbal Verón (Aníbal Verón Coordinator of
Organizations of the Unemployed), for next Monday,
August 26, and in the march of Tuesday the 27th
demanding freedom for Raúl Castells.

Finally, the delegates called for the organization of
a multitudinous representation of occupied factories
at the next National Assembly of employed and
unemployed workers, called for next September 28th.

Another report:


Delegations of workers of the main occupied factories
were present on August 24 in the meeting held at
Brukman Confecciones. A delegation
went to the meeting of the Bloque Piquetero at
Grissinópoli and read a letter calling them to convene
together the Second Meeting of Occupied Factories for
September 7th.

The occupied factories met in Brukman

Workers from the occupied factories under workers
administration met today in Brukman Confecciones in
Buenos Aires City to prepare the Second National
Meeting for September 7th. They received the fighting
greetings and the support of the MTD (Movement of
Unemployed Workers) of Solano and Varela (Greater
Buenos Aires), which are part of the Coordination of
Unemployed Workers "Anibal Verón". These unemployed
organizations took the iniciative of the MTD of
Neuquén to take part in this meeting. Today's
pre-meeting was also convened by the workers
of Zanon that are producing under workers control in
the ceramic factory of Neuquén, and along with the
workers of Brukman were the main convocants of the
first meeting in defense of occupied factories
in last April.

But this time the alliance among self-managed
companies is wider. A delegation voted in assembly of
the Clinical Junín came from Córdoba
Province, workers of the hypermarket "Tigre" from
Rosario were present. Also workers of Fricader
(refrigerating factory) from Río Negro Province,
miners from Río Turbio, metal workers of La Baskonia
from La Matanza – Greater Buenos Aires, of the "El
Aguante" Cooperative (ex- Panificadora cinco), of the
printing shop Chilavert and of food making plant
Ghelco – all factories managed under
different modalities of labor administration- attended
the meeting.

Each delegation will return to its factories to
discuss in assemblies the proposals for the Second
National Meeting of September 7th. The first top
commitment of the attendees is the mutual defense in
case of any attack or intent of eviction. They also
agreed to extend to all the workers facing redundance
the demand and the struggle for the occupation of
bunkrupt factories and to put them under workers

The occupied factories received also the solidarity of
the Corriente Clasista y Combativa. Union delegations
were present, among them the railway workers (Haedo
Branch - Greater Buenos Aires), shopstewards
of the directive commission of the Sindicato
frigorífico de la Carne (Meat Union) of Buenos Aires
and Greater Buenos Aires, teachers of the Suteba
(teacher's union) of La Matanza (Greater Buenos
Aires), of the Internal Commission of Emfer, health
workers of Garraham Hospital, university teachers of
ADIUC of Córdoba, workers of the Asociación de
Trabajadores de Comercio de Rosario (shop workers),
university teachers of the CONADU, a delegation of the
Lista Gris of the metal union UOM (La Matanza branch)
of the Lista Naranja of the building workers union
–UOCRA- of Neuquén, of the Astillero Río
Santiago, workers of Editorial Perfil, of Finexcor, of
Editorial Perfil, of the big food making plant Pepsico
Snacks, postal workers from Rosario city and
delegates of civil servant union –ATE- Buenos
Aires y La Plata branchs.

Delegates and members of popular assembies of
different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires such as San
Cristobal-Boedo, Parque Lezama, Villa
Urquiza, Juan B. Justo y Corrientes, Córdoba y
Anchorena, Medrano y Corrientes, Ayacucho y Rivadavia,
Parque Avellaneda, Carlos Gardel
attended. Also popular assemblies of Greater Buenos
Aires such as Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Temperley,
Carapachay and Avellaneda participated in the meeting.
All of them supported the convening of
the Second National Meeting of Occupied Factories for

Press release by workers of Brukman and the Secretary
of Press and Diffusion of the ceramic union SOECN
(Neuquén Branch).


The workers of the occupied factories sent a
delegation to the meeting of the the Bloque Piquetero
and the MIJD led by Raúl Castells. The following
letter was read in this meeting at Grissinópoli
factory, by Yuri Fernández –delegate from Brukman- and

Blanco of Zanon.

Buenos Aires, August 24 2002

Dear brothers and sisters of the Bloque Piquetero and
of other present organizations

We send you this letter to reiterate to you our desire
to advance in a common fight and to invite you again
to the Second National Meeting of Occupied Factories
and Companies in Struggle that we will carry
out next September 7th. We proposed you several times
to organize together this meeting. We have just
finished the prior meeting at Brukman today. Modestly
we think that the workers of Zanón and
Brukman, who are occupying theirs factories and
running them under workers control for more than 10
months, should be the organizers of a Meeting of
Occupied Factories rather than merely guests. We think

we have to organize this meeting together. You decided
to carry out your own meeting anyway. We believe that
this should not be an impediment to carry to a higher
degree the many agreements we already have in the
everyday struggle. We have been together in the rally
of May Day at Plaza de Mayo. We have been together in
the pickets on June 26th, when the régime cowardly
murdered Kosteki and Santillán. And also we were
together in the huge mobilizations of June 27th, and
July 3rd and 9th, repudiating the repression and
Duhalde's government.

In all of those struggles we were along our brothers
and sisters of the CTD Aníbal Verón. We have
participated of the picketers occupation of Plaza de
Mayo on August 7th and 8th. We have rejected the
government's Crisis Councils and denounced the truce
of all the union federations. We were together in face
of the eviction of Zanon in Neuquén and supporting the
workers of Grissinopoli, also under policial and
judiciary threat. We share the motto: if they attack
one, they attack all of us. We ratify this in the
Plenum of the Mesa Coordinadora Regional de Alto
Valle, where participated the workers of Zanón, the
MTD and other organizations that are part of
the regional Coordinating Board, along with
delegations of Brukman, Fricader, Chilavert, La
Baskonia, Clinica Junín, Río Turbio,
Grissinopoli, and fighting unions, organizations of
unemployed workers and popular assemblies. Both of us
are demanding the expropriation without compensation
of the companies that shut-down. We defend the control
and the labor administration. We fight for the
unit of the workers of the occupied factories, the
unemployed workers, the popular assemblies, to prepare
a militant general strike until we can kick "all of
them" out.

For all these reasons, we want to call you again to
organize in common the next steps in the struggle and
in the independent workers organization, like the next
Workers of occupied factories and Unemployed workers
Assembly on a national level that must represent
as wide as possible all the social sectors in
struggle. In order to prepare this Assembly, we think
it is necessary a deep discussion on its program and
on the methodology of functioning (agenda,
representation etc.).

Finally, we would urge you that all decision this
meeting adopt, including the support to our struggles,
should be taken to advance in the unity in the
struggle and in the organization and for that it is
necessary avoid one-sided measures and impositions.
The Meeting of September 7th will have the same
unitary character that our First Meeting of April 13th
had, where you were present. Once again we
insist on preparing it together.

We remain waiting for a positive answer.
With our combative greetings,

Workers and Internal Commission of Zanon
Workers of Brukman Confecciones

MTD Neuquén

SOECN - Neuquén

Also sign this letter:

Cooperative "La Baskonia"

Cooperative "J.J. Gómez" – (former Fricader)

Printing shop "Chilavert"

Cooperative "El Aguante"

Workers of Clinica Junín"