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New Issue of Fifth Estate Released


* “Party Like It’s 1929!” [editorial] * “The Disasters of Disaster Capitalism” – Don LaCoss * “Nest Defense: For Marie Mason” * “Absolutely Marie Suite” (poem) – William R. Boyer * “The Green Scare Goes On” * “Police State Emerges Further at Republican Convention: Organizers Face ‘Terrorism’ Charges” * “Long Haul Infoshop Regroups After Police Raid” – Jesse D. Palmer * “Notes on Play” – Peter Lamborn Wilson * “Paradise How? The Living Theatre’s Erotic Revolution of Poetry, Pleasure, & Play” – Anu Bonobo * “ ‘The Universe Wants to Play’: Pleasures and Perils in the Ludic 90s” – John Brinker * “Idiot Like Me: The Dialectic of Pie in the Face” – Tanya Solomon * “A Communique from the Krewe of Eris” * “Rack of Enchantments: The Not-So-Secret of Mardi Gras” – Lord Willin * “Remembering Vi Landry” – Janet * “Free Feasts, Erotic Play, and the Eruption of the Marvelous: Looking Back on the Gardeners Against the Work Ethic Association” – a dialogue between Unruh Lee and M.K. Shibek * “Festival Theatre for the Artist/Activist” – Cerulean * “Hellcat Passion” – London International Festival of Surrealism * “Resisting the Consumerist’s Urge” – X. Buyer * ‘Battle in Seattle’: Can a Hollywood Fictional Account of the 1999 Anti-WTO Demos Do Justice to their Radical Content?” – Marie Mason

REVIEWS: ‘Oystercatcher’ #5 (review by J.L. Dale) ‘A Game of War’- Alice Becker-Ho and Guy Debord, trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith (review by Don LaCoss) ‘In Defense of Lost Causes’ – Slavoj Zizek (review by John Brinker) ‘Vindicating Classical Anarchism: ‘Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States, 1895-1917’ – Terence Kissack (review by Spencer Sunshine) untitled poem - Joker

LETTERS: On counterfeiting money; the IWW; African Anarchism; and Cuba and queer people.