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Kittichai Restaurant Stops Serving Wild Edibles Seafood Over Workers' Rights Concerns

Kittichai Restaurant Stops Serving Wild Edibles Seafood Over Workers' Rights Concerns

New York, NY- Kittichai, the popular Thai restaurant in Soho, has stopped serving seafood from wholesaler and retailer, Wild Edibles, Inc. over concern for employee rights. Wild Edibles workers and their allies have been campaigning for almost a year to reclaim stolen overtime pay; to compel compliance with workplace laws including the right to support a labor union; and to win a more livable wage as well as a health care and retirement plan.

"With Kittichai, thirty-four of New York's most well-regarded restaurants have stopped serving Wild Edibles seafood," said Raymundo Lara Molina, one of eleven Wild Edibles employees fired or forced out in retaliation for asserting their rights. "When will Wild Edibles see the writing on the wall and accept a just resolution of this dispute?"

While Wild Edibles has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the company continues to operate its business and workers have vowed to continue the campaign until they win the respect they are seeking.

Wild Edibles was hit with an injunction by a federal judge to stop retaliating against employees who filed a class action overtime lawsuit, but the company continued to terminate workers involved in the campaign. The workers' lawyers have filed a motion asking the judge to find the company in contempt of court for not respecting the injunction. In addition, the National Labor Relations Board has issued two complaints against the company for interfering with the workers' efforts to form a union with the Industrial Workers of the World.

Kittichai joins a growing list of restaurants who have dropped Wild Edibles over concern for workers' rights. Other restaurants include Pastis, Union Square Cafe, La Goulue, Mermaid Inn, Giorgione, Sushi Samba, One if by Land, Two if by Sea, and China Grill.

Brandworkers International is a non-profit organization that empowers retail and food employees with legal, advocacy, and organizing tools. The Brandworkers Focus on the Food Chain initiative promotes worker justice along the food supply chain. Focus on the Food Chain is providing comprehensive support to twenty-four current and former Wild Edibles employees.