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New FIFTH ESTATE Summer edition out

FIFTH ESTATE #378 (Summer 2008) now out!


* “Green Scare Continues” – H. Read * “My Green Scare Arrest” – Marie Mason * “RNC: Shut It Down!” – RNC Welcoming Committee * “An Anarchist in Cuba: Socialism or Cell Phones” – Walker Lane * “Shamanism, Anarchy, and the End of the World” – Dave Hanson * “Tarot Cards and the Left” – Joshua Sperber * “The End of Money” – Daniel Pinchbeck * “An Arm of Jacks to Fight the Power” – Peter Lamborn Wilson * “Counterfeiting Sovereignty” – Don LaCoss * “Isn’t All Money Fake?” – E. B. Maple * “Wealth and Poverty: In the Shadow of an Exclusive Club” – Val Salvo (reprint from FE summer 1991) * “Down and Out in Athens” (Excerpt from ‘Nike’) – Cara Hoffman * “We Are All Slaves of Capital” (excerpt from ‘The Wandering of Humanity’) – Jacques Camatte * “Strike!” (poem) – Eugene V. Debs * “The African Road to Anarchism?” – Jim Feast * “Shoplifting and the Politics of Instant Gratification” – Cookie Orlando * “Victorian Proto-Punk, Riot Grrls: The Literary Legacy of Helen and Olivia Rossetti” – Cara Hoffman * ”The ‘60s, 40 Years Later: No Chicago in Denver” – Bernard Marszalek * “Organizing for Anarchism in Oreland” – interview with Andrew Flood and much much more...

* REVIEW: ‘Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity’ by Robert Jensen (review by Sean Flynn) * REVIEW: ‘Buda’s Wagon: A Brief History of the Car Bomb’ by Mike Davis (review by Don LaCoss) * REVIEW/ESSAY: “Crimethinc’s Overflowing Cup of Anarchist Elixir” (review of ‘Expect Resistance’ book and ‘Rolling Thunder’ magazine; review by Anu Bonobo) * “Obituary for Dr. Albert Hoffman” – PanDoor * “Remembering Hanon Reznikov (1950–2008)” – Anu Bonobo * “Utah Phillips (1935–2008)” * “Utah Phillip’s Last Interview” – interview by Peter Werbe

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Ten years ago, play as a revolutionary concept captured our imaginations when an infectious spirit of playful experimentation and exuberance animated the anarchist/underground milieu in the pre-Seattle period.

Riding this wild and playful energy, we were created seeds of an insurrectionary alternative reality that would one day replace or overthrow the dominant system. Back then, the physical, political, ideological, and imaginal spaces seemed to be opening to us.

Since then, we’ve suffered more than a few blows, considerably shrinking the climate of possibility in North America into a situation more conservative, defensive, fearful. Are we on the defensive, just fighting to hang on to whatever sense of validity we have, fighting to keep whatever ground we may have gained, or at least to cut our losses? Do sobering times require sober solutions, or is a renewed spirit of playful experimentation exactly what we need right now?

How do we make playful approach more useful or essential when confronting the system or exploring alternatives to it? How does the ethic, attitude, or practice of play inform, invigorate, animate, deepen, or become one with our politics? What separates serious play from mere frivolity? How can we make “play” a deeper and wiser and more inclusive concept that ever before? How can, and how do, anti-authoritarians everywhere tap into and thrive on the creative vitality of play?

In this spirit of experimentation, creativity, performance, spontaneity, transformation, exuberance, conviviality, and giddiness, we seek articles, accounts and artwork, fiction and non-fiction, on the theory and practice of play in all its forms, as well as essays, articles, and artwork on general themes.

Deadline for proposals: July 1 Send proposals to fe [at] fifthestate [dot] org

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This winter Fifth Estate seeks to put out good reading for hibernation. Work that focuses on underground political, cultural and social activity as well as subtextual analysis. We seek discussion on how radicals and everyday folks subvert the dominant culture in a meaningful way. We seek analysis on the unspoken meanings of current social, economic, semiotic and political phenomena such as the environmental crisis and the greenscare, bio-ethical decisions, entertainment, gender, institutionalized violence. We seek to examine the parts we play in subjection and subjugation This winter we seek to exhume the churchyard and provide readers with an invisible choir that will sing audibly and precisely about the hidden meanings of things.

Deadline: November 1

Send proposals to fe [at] fifthestate [dot] org

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