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(Remembering where we live)

(Remembering where we live)

It is easy to see that we exist, the pent up fear about it is obvious to us. The problem seems to be that we can only get help from that which frightens us. Our minds are full of tools, gadgets and an undeniable lack of knowledge and self-reliance. Money is a crutch that keeps us divided. We surround ourselves with what it buys while it zooms around the world through bank computers and out the ends of our lacking in compassionate fingers. We can’t remember how to live without money. We have to encourage a violent system to get it and then encourage the system again just to receive our basic needs. Because of fear and a lack of patience. But it is ok because as you are reading this, know that a part of you wrote it and a part of you is reading.

The fear of ourselves will deny the violence we perpetrate everyday and consider someone crazy for suggesting that we stop using money. With patience one will consider. We live on a planet (our home). We act alien and destroy it everyday. Based on the belief that money is a requirement. An object worth nothing more than faith and most often just numbers on a screen.

Everything we have is a manifestation of this planet, or more simply a collection of cosmic dust. It keeps our bodies nourished and provides for itself everything that it needs. It has manifested itself into a diverse family of micro-organisms, lichens, mosses, algae, plants, fungi, insects, fish, invertebrates, reptiles, birds, mammals, and each of these is a collection of species, all supporting the existence of one another. We as humans are a part of this. We are beautiful creatures of the everything in face of our fear. Like our other brothers and sisters we have our own habits, diets, habitat and offspring. We can say that we have denied our existence on a planet in a solar system in the universe(one song). We are not different than everything else, we just get lost in thought. Watching the other creatures around us we see quickly that they seem to own nothing but their innate unconscious faith in existence. We may see them as being stupid for not progressing with the rest of us. Where as they do not analyze their self worth or think that they are lazy for not going to school or getting a job. They are an emanation of harmony. We are searching.

Ask yourself why you would not drink out of the local creek or why we destroy the forest and other natural habitats rife with food for money to go to the store to buy some. Nature does not hoard for there is no place for nature to go. Nature and all of its parts are always home. Harmony exists. We cannot exist outside of it. Doesn’t that make us the most beautiful thing ever along with the rest of the everything.

I am merely expressing what I have seen and how it makes me feel. Our division into lonely boxes weakens our bodies and our minds. Allowing us to feel helpless in our apparent madness. Anger and fear do not make us happy. Love is real. We are all lonely. Realizing this we lose fear because we are the same. We all have the same basic needs; love, warmth, water and food. These are the basic needs of all existence and they all exist inside of love.

Practicality is key. Feeling connected to providing for ourselves and others is also a key to finding harmony and being happy. To be practical we must realize that waste is a human word that really doesn’t exist. We are brainwashed monkies in a clearcut forest. Distractions keep us from harmony which leads to despair and around and round.

The earth was given to all of us when we were born unto it. Private property is theft. No one part of the forest can own any part of the forest. This is an illusion that we must move away from. Turning the earth back into the garden of eden is the future. Growing food everywhere, eating the wild food known as weeds, sharing food everywhere, abandoning distraction (ie; cars, television, money, etc.) is a must. Recognizing that everything is alive and respecting that which gives us life is integral. We cannot be harmonious by defending suffering (factory farms, oil spills, war, fascism, dumpsters full of edible food, etc.). Fear, anger, and hatred have no justification. Money hurts us and everything around us. Food grows from the ground, water falls from the sky, the sun provides everything with energy. We will do what we can to find inspiration.

We will be happy because we exist. Which is a precious gift. We will remember how to be children and cure our addictions. We will find harmony and see what it brings us.

by Daffodil