Radical media, politics and culture.

Ashk ------ Erfan

Autumn Greetings,-----------------

We're sure in a pretty big mess.... us crazy humans! It's going to take much more than politicized scientific strategies to reach earthly or individual healing and/or salvation (liberation). At best now we have our ecstatic or illuminating experiences, even phases of understanding, healing, ingenium and creativity but eventually the disenchanting, restricting and toxic situations seem to block out or taint the shamanic/mystic light.-----------------------------------------

Some have a spiritual and psyco-somatic need for new experiences of Gnosis (intuitive knowledge or revelation).-----------------------------

Continuous experience of this divine influence would be true liberation. The only obstacle that can prevent this is the cultural matrix of boundaries, conditions, mundane and distorted perceptions and expressions as well as a sickening unmagickal ambiance and mass psychology. But “the work” has been and still can be advanced and/or accomplished!-----------------------------------

Authoritarian dogma of any sort (Scientific, Religious or Political) never stands a chance at understanding, expressing and resonating with the true mysteries of human, earthly, cosmic, and hyperdimensional/imaginal actuality.-----------------------------------

Close minded, political science, militarism and sprawling, consumer, hypnotized american culture is very possibly the worst way of life when trying to foster the types healing environments needed to live with integrity - globally and individually. The scheming, propagandizing, moralizing, certitude hysteria, reasoning, over-linearization - creates a prison for someone like me who needs more than just a shrewd functioning of the linear logistics, masculine, "left-brain", intellectual dynamics.---------------------------------------

While it may be necessary to be “intellectual”, I know that poetic, mythic capacities and the imagination are of immense importance. The scale is undoubtedly tipped in our culture favoring the secular, profane, linear, logical, masculine, "right handed/left brained"....... ( I'm left handed and can testify to having a more heretical "right brained" lean towards the magickal, poetic and mythic).-------------------------------------

Rituals, art and myths are inspired by and express these illuminating experiences, which may come through: deep contemplation (prayer, meditation ect.), a spiritual (integral and inspired) relationship to any part of nature; but these methods alone are not guaranteed to help one achieve gnosis. Only through sacramental, ecstatic, visionary experiences - initiated through the few* plant and mushroom “teachers” can one be guaranteed to bring about this truly liberating (intuitive understanding, healing and ingenium) gnosis. We can discuss this further at another time if you wish*. These sacred plants and mushrooms do have healing/therapeutic value. ----------------------------------------

As long as politics prevents the shaman-alchemists (magickal-artist-scientists) from carrying on open-ended experimentation and ritualization without limitations, people like me will remain dissatisfied with cultural living circumstances and likely remaining arcane/esoteric and probably being misunderstood, reduced and biased. My anti-culture attitudes and views are just that, I am not against people or community; only culturally brainwashed people content with systems of ignorance and oppression - invading privacy, preventing experimentation and healing; preserving illusory hierarchies; toxifying the planet and all its life; schemes and obsessions with money, fuel, the mega-mundane, laws and codes, control and so forth. This is insanity.......evil.----------------------------

It's time for anyone with the slightest bit of awareness, love, intelligence, creativity/inspiration and/or even just resources…….?…….. to start adjusting their lifestyles so to benefit or empower the oppressed, hidden, secret, creative, intuitive and mysterious sides of humanity and existence.-----------------------------------

Sincerely, with light… Arcangeli ----------------------------------------

P.S - Much has been left out of this brief document. We'll hopefully continue this communication. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is any kind of extensive expression of what I'm trying to communicate. After all these are only the limiting, linear words trying to express something much more profound.