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Yes, I've been a bold bugie, because I did mean to respond promptly to s0metim3s but have been overwhlemed by all of the other things. But it's coming. I should add that the mini-review of Ballestrini is just a note which I'll be using as aprt of a longer review of his novels (L'Editore. Gli Furiosi, Vogliamo Tutto and Gli Invisibili) although i may leave out the last as it's available in english. Time and my patience permitting I'll throw it against a background of some of the contents of the history he assembled with Moroni and Bianchi. s0metim3s encoragement helped push me over the topp on this decision. Reading novels isn't exactly hard work either.

What follows is just a quick run down of some of the books that I'm using for an article in progress on the history, present and limitations of the social centres in Italy. Foreign vistors never cease to be amazed and inspired by such spaces, so much so that in both Ireland and the UK there is a gathering trend with left-libertarian circuits to make their creation a priority. Hopefully this article will help contextualize some of the choices that are inevitably made within such a process.

One article which I won't be using incidentally is a little piece by Naomi Klein. She is so incredibly misinformed on Italy, possibly because she has been misled (!?), even though she is plainly fascinated by the CSOA. But when she refers to social centres of the north-east as being anti-authoritarian or "anarchist", well it's nmot a matter of being fussy: it's like calling the pope protestant.

Other suggestions, particularly accounts which I don't think exist social centres in english would be of interest.

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