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Soooon my macheeen will be ready!!

So I thought to know it all. Really. Turns out that there were some gaps left in the heavy-lifter's arsenal.

Decentralisation - Found ya Clay! Can't hide!

Bitzi putting together the metadata. Add the hash please! Send the media directly to hell thereafter!

Che miseria, even zeropaid had a story about weblinks, but they'll probably crash your machine as there nowt but irreformable...

... but they did make me aware of the following

MAGNET is an open URI-scheme and supporting practices/code for enabling seamless integration between websites and locally-running utilities, such as file-management tools. Here's an example of what a MAGNET URI could look like: magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:YNCKHTQCWBTRNJIV4WNAE52SJUQCZO5C

Know what I mean boss, they'll never catchya....