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KaZaA Popularity Soaring posted by wiggum on July 17, 2002 @ 03:43pm The release of Media Metrix U.S. Top 50 Internet properties statistics for June shows just how popular KaZaA has become. The statistics for June put KaZaA as the 5th fastest growing property on the internet . It is also the first time since Napster that a file sharing application has appeared in the top 50 internet sites. There were 9.159 million unique visitors to KaZaA in June. An increase of 20% on May.

Meanwhile download.com has continually shown KaZaA as the no.1 internet download. This week the 100 millionth download of the application took place. Like it or not, there is no mistaking just how popular KaZaA has become.

The report by comScore Networks, Inc on top internet properties is here.