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The Bosch are in their tanks again... time for molotovs!

So the MPAA are hunting those sharing movies over the web using a system developed by a compabny called tracker. The crux of the system is to scan for file names and then track the IP addresses of the offending users, and then contact their ISPs with a takedown order. Smart, as they apply the pressure to entities more vulnerable to litigation than your 13 year old pr0n-loving neighbour. The company running the op is called ranger and there is an explanation of how it works at the following lovely hotlink.

There was aslo a discussion at the increasingly reactionary slashdot on the topic, bloggers are advised to move to kuro5hin where the company is more pleasant and the discussion less macho.You might also give them a fraction of the cash you know save obn intellectual property as a permanent outlaw, they have just gone non-profit after all and are really rather irreplacable.