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The next baby steps on the copyleft project

1. Establishment of a portal.

2. Design a license or appropriate one from the EFF, GNU etc. Open Audio License: Design Science LicenseEFF Open Audio LicenseFree Art LicenseFree Music Public LicenseOpen Content LicenseOpen Music LicenseOpen Publication LicensePublic Library of Science Open Access LicenseGNU Free Documentation License

3. Sustained examination of the mode of functioning of existing collective rights organisations and analysis of their relationship with artists.

4. See if the existing scheduling software for radio requires any adaptation for tv style application.

Overpeer Poisoning P2P on Behalf of Labels, RIAA

A stealth-mode company called OVERPEER has been flooding the p2p networks with fake Eminem files in an attempt to stop the trading of "unauthorized" mp3s. If you've encountered the "loop" files, in which a section of the chorus or hook is repeated over and over, you've been tricked by OVERPEER.

OVERPEER are doing this with the full knowlege and consent of Interscope and Universal Music, in fact they are under contract to Universal and other major record labels, and will be doing a LOT MORE of this type of "interdiction" in the near future.

OVERPEER are an interesting firm, their CEO used to be a VP at ASCAP, the big American performing-rights organization, so he's majorly connected to the top levels of the U.S. music business. His father has been on the ASCAP board of directors for decades. Strangely, the company was actually started and funded by a Korean conglomerate called SK Industries.

SK Industries are the second-largest corporation in Korea, a firm with many energy and IT infrastructure holdings. In fact they were partners with Enron! They have tons of money, and they're not going to quit, give up, or go away.

OVERPEER's mission is to kill p2p by poisoning the networks with fake, bogus files. They hope to discourage users away from Gnutella, KaZaA and other free networks, and drive everyone to the industry-approved Pressplay and MusicNet services. For more on OVERPEER, visit


If you don't agree with OVERPEER's mission to destroy p2p,

let them know! Their headquarters are at:

110 E. 55th Street, 14th Fl. New York, NY 10022 TEL: 212-906-8143 FAX: 212-906-8149