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Tokyo Picadillos

The scope of my confusion in the land of san and sayoonara is difficult to convey. The follies of my father's birthday and the hysteria of international soccer brought us here, so I've decided to have a wee mooch as I'm wont to do.

Here is an article I found about actions against electronic surveillance legislation promoted by the government.

Hopefully inspection of the woodwork will turn up some latter day zengakure‚Ž

and some publications....

`Anarchism' zine (1st issue out now) http://www.sanpal.co.jp/aiic/cont/amaga/order/a_order.html

`Kuro / La Nigreco' (Black Disposition) beb version. Same name zine keep to issue. http://www.ne.jp/asahi/anarchy/saluton/index.htm

Library of RRU: Roudousha Rentai Undo (Worker's Solidarity Movement). Website from anarcho-syndicalist. This organization is constantly publicating for understanding of anarchism. http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~rruaitjtko/library.html