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B-band-I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not Going to Take it Anymore!

Broadband is miserably scarce on the craggy rock in the Atlantic from where I was sprund. In contrast to New York where ploymorphous plenty is the order of the day. Thus the circumstances for a terrible conjunction: high-speed up-down/load and then withdrawal. So the hunt for alternatives to the infrastructure of the cable moguls and telphone monopolists began.

Initially my interest centered on 802.11b wireless/airport networks, which are a commonplace in New York. Problem is that they require a line of sight connection between the remote user and the location where the broadband connection is to be found. Then my pal filled me in on the real deal baby. Nokia Rooftop Mesh Networking, and the grail was found.

Read the following article by Kevin Werbach to understand the excited clamour of my mind.