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Your man in Avana

'The street finds its own use for things.' (And places)

Being a curious little budgie, I decided to attend a meeting of Avana.net on digital self-defence in the Forte Prensetino. A little explanation may give you a flavour of the Forte: a nionettenth century Napoleonioc fort, abandoned after the first world war, surrounded by a moat(!) and composed of three towers joint by passages, two large parade grounds and absolutely impregnable walls. Occupied for ten years now, the Forte is the home of innumerable agitational projects, one of which is the seat of the Roman hacklab.

There is something delicious about discussing advanced methods of self-fence in an old stone fortress; I'm such a sucker for juxtaposition.

For the inquisitive here is a nice page introducing witings on telematic antagonism in Italy