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honour recovered

After being released for his abortive attempt at a one-man bombing campaign, Brendan Behan returned to Ireland. He recalls the moment of his return:

“Passport, travel permit or identity document please’ said the immigration man beside me. I handed him the expulsion order.....'Cead Mile Failte Romhat’ A Hundred thousand welcomes to you. I smiled and said ‘go raibh maith agat’. Thanks. He looked very serious, and tenderly enquired,’ Caithfidh go bhfuil se go hiontach bheith saor’‘Caithfidh go bhfuil’.‘It must be wonderful to be free’‘It must’, said I, walked down the gangway, past a detective and got on the train for Dublin.

Dublin redeemed herself on May 6th, as she reclaimed the street.