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"The problem, dear shoplift, lies not with our "anti-"s but with our "Left".

You are quite right to point out the incompatibility of terms like "anti-authoritarian" and "Left". The problem, though, is with the latter not the former. I have put out several calls now for someone to please define "the Left". This all has remained unanswered and, I think, for good reason - namely, the present usage of the term is absurd.

Words normally have what is referred to as "Pavlovian overlap", meaning that there is some common quality to which the word refers. Now, that does not, by any means, indicate that this quality is in any way Real (The R is capitalized to indicate the "absolutely" that is implicit.) but it does indicate the presence of some sort of epistemological framework in which the quality has meaning (See, for example, the old philosophical saw re: "bleen" and "grue".).

So, I shall issue the call again: Define what you mean by "Left"!