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Alert From New York City Waste Activists

Below is an alert from the NYC waste activists. The Greens may want to use a stronger message but the feeling is that we are about to lose recycling in NYC. Call your city council person soon and often.

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EJ and Waste Activists,

(apologies for cross postings)

The metal/glass/plastic side of the City's recycling program as well as its waste prevention and composting programs are in grave danger. Mayor Bloomberg has proposed discontinuing the recycling portion for the next 18 months and threw in the waste prevention and composting cuts to add insult to injury. At this time, a wide variety of environmental organizations are suggesting the City Council reinstate $15 million to keep the program alive for at least 6 more months (if DOS followed all the suggestions of a recent Waste Prevention Coalition report, this money could stretch even further - www.wastesaver.com/WPCreport.pdf).

An analysis of councilmembers and their votes suggest that these members are the most important to call (particularly if you are a constituent). Tell them, "Recycling matters to me and our City's future and for just $15 million in a $40+ billion dollar budget we can save it, please support recycling and let Speaker Miller know that's how you feel. In the  long-run recycling (composting and waste prevention) is the only way to go to save money on waste export."

Below are the two lists of the Council members and their local office contact numbers:

A List

Perkins - 212-662-4440

Serrano - 718-402-6130

Weprin - 718-465-8202

Katz - 718-544-8800

Gennaro - 718-217-4969

Sanders - 718-527-4356

Quinn - 212-768-4344

Moskowitz - 212-818-0580

Brewer - 212-873-0282

Jackson - 212-928-1322

Comrie - 718-776-3700

Yassky - 718-875-5200

B List

Clarke - 718-287-8762

Recchia - 718-373-9673

Stewart - 718-951-8177

Boyland - 718-345-3110

Monserrate - 718-205-3881

Reyna - 718-963-3141

Avella - 718-747-2137

Sears - 718-803-6373

Email contact: Greens NY